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Social costs


A "balanced" portfolio (2:28)

A cure for Depressions? (10:00)

A trader tells it like it is (3:29)

After the "it" hits the fan (6:01)

Another bigger bubble (7:42)

Auditing the Fed (16:20)

Big media strikes back (13:59)

Brace Yourself: The American Empire is over and the descent is going to be horriying (2:00:00)

China's Ghost Cities (14:03)

Choked by monopolies (4:11)

Cluster Bombs 'r Us (5:00)

Coming to a city near you (3:06)

Coming to Europe: The mother of all bank runs (1:14)

Confessions of a Renegade Economist (15:00)

Consumers running out of gas (5:18)

Contemplating the 1% (5:46)

Credit Card Cloning and Orgies (2:50)

Crony Capitalism - American Style (26:26)

Crony Capitalism Abuses (1:00)

Deflation or Hyper-Inflation? (30:00)

Detroit and the new feudalism (28:04)

Detroit: The trillion dollar question (6:01)

Do You Really Trust the Government . . . (3:00)

Economic recovery? (59:01)

"Empire of Illusion" (10:10)

Employment: Beyond the Stats (2:00)

Everything you ever wanted to know about the meltdown but the bullshit news media will never tell you (15:56)

Fed strangling the economy (3:43)

Fiat money: The root of all evil (3:41)

Financial Dictatorships? (15:07)

Former Economic Hitman on the Triangulating Elites (13:00)

Gary Shilling on the Housing Market (4:53)

Geographic diversity (3:37)

Government war on small business (21:00)

Growing College Debt Crisis (00:03:28)

"Heads I win, tails everyone else loses" (8:42)

How economics has been corrupted (9:56)

How JP Morgan "supports" the troops (3:55)

How the Fed is trashing the economy (13:07)

How to Fix Health Care in the US (24:16)

"How's that technocrat thing working?" (6:18)

IBM closes down its retiree health insurance program (2:49)

Inequality is expensive (5:50)

Inside Greece (40:00)

It's worse than the Great Depression (17:56)

Jack Daniels Explains The Deficit (1:38)

Jobs numbers: "Sinister" (3:01)

JPMorgan/Chase Cash Cow (4:30)

Judge says "no way" to SEC cover up (3:28)

Let sloppy lenders eat their bad loans (1:00)

Life can better outside the cage (5:51)

Mark Pittman (1957-2009) (6:24)

Max Keiser reports from Cairo (26:21)

Morgan Stanley Private Equity stealing children's teeth (5:05)

Obamacare: It's a tax, it's a fraud (2:14)

On Robbery of Middle Class Americans (1:00)

Pentagon budget: The sacred cow (5:58)

Poverty, according to conservatives (03:46)

Psychopaths, the market, and life (37:38)

"Show us on the collateral" (25:50)

Slow motion bank account confiscation (4:11)

Straight talk, no sugar (5:52)

The Alice in Wonderland Economy (25:53)

The biggest scam of all? (25:55)

The billionaire predator (13:11)

The consequences of corruption (45:00)

The Consequences of Default (6:49)

The corporate cash myth (5:18)

The cost of the war on drugs (9:59)

The day Wall Street took over the White House (10:43)

The end game (12:59)

The End of Economic Growth? (11:56)

The fragile international monetary system (38:26)

The Great Euro Crash (59:02)

The Great Pension Plan Heist (1:30:00)

The Internet monopolies (26:25)

The multi-trillion dollar question (5:50)

The Next Trillion Dollar Bubble (6:11)

The poisoning of America's soul (12:29)

The real unemployment rate (4:11)

The science of social mood (30:04)

The System is the Problem (54:15)

The ultimate failure of financial manipulation (23:06)

The War on Wages (1:00)

The War on Wages Part 3 (3:19)

There's nothing wrong with the debt unless... (12:18)

Top Tier US banks = Criminal enterprises (1:00:00)

Turning the US into a Third World country (15:00)

Wal-Mart and other disasters (10:47)

"Watch for Market Dislocations" (32:12)

"We're working for the Chinese" (11:13)

Wealth Inequality in America (6:24)

Weed to the rescue? (9:39)

What government debts mean (5:22)

What happens when the countryside is destroyed? (00:11:08)

What is a Depression? (9:40)

What the war on drugs really costs (02:00)

What's wrong with the Euro? (1:58)

When the party is over... (20;25)

Where did all the money go? (27:51)

Where the big money comes from (58:31)

Where we're at without the sugar coating (4:45)

Why the Fed is dead wrong (8:52)

Winning? (3:01)

Wozniak: Web crackdown coming, freedom failing (10:49)

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