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Contemplating the 1%

What it means to be in the top 1%

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It isn't about 99%/1%

Some simple math.

To be in the 1% (the top 1% of all tax paying entities"), you need either to make at least $510,000 a year or have a net worth of $8,320,000 or more.

While these are definitely amounts of money that would make most sane people comfortable, they are are not amounts that put you in the financial and political elite.

The 99% - 1% split is a red herring.

The real problem is a corrupt government run for the benefit of multi-billion dollar corporations. While many in the 1% can buy some level of protection from the havoc these gangster wreak, a significant number are being knocked out of their 1% status by the Big Business/Big Government crime syndicate.