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The poisoning of America's soul

Inside the Horrifying Nazi Infiltration

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From the book "America's Nazi Secret"

20th century America is a mystery.

High ideals, proud history, and for the most part a decent, generous, hard working people.

So why does the government's behavior resemble that of Nazi Germany in so many respects?

Why are the big banks allowed to loot trillions of dollars in broad daylight with no consequences?

Why have so many people who are little more than highly polished low life scum ended up in the White House and other positions of authority?

This video - a Brasscheck TV original based on an interview Dave Emory of conducted with veteran and Department of Justice Nazi hunter John Loftus - reveals secret aspects of world and American history not 1 out of 100,000 people are aware of.

We can't understand where we're at, how we got here and how to fix things without this information.

They won't find this critically important information laid out more clearly or concisely anywhere else.

Please share this one widely with others.

Knowledge is the beginning of the cure.