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Capital market collapse


2012 Predictions (23:01)

A "balanced" portfolio (2:28)

A balance sheet recession (5:00)

"A few interest rate increases away from insolvency" (6:57)

A physicist explains financial bubbles (18:16)

A Ponzi Scheme (00:10:30)

A shortage of dollars? (Advice from 2009) (7:08)

A trader tells it like it is (3:29)

A visit to James Grant's office (28:04)

Approaching the Wall? (15:00)

BAILOUT: Dylan Ratigan interviews the movie makers (7:55)

Bank Holiday coming? (15:00)

Bankers and their media stooges don't like real capitalists (8:08 )

Behind the scenes at JP Morgan (4:28)

Big bond collapse inevitable? (25:46)

Bill Black and Banker Fraud (3:54)

Bill Gross gives the finger to Pimco board (1:38)

Blow up a company, get a big bonus (3:20)

Brace Yourself: The American Empire is over and the descent is going to be horriying (2:00:00)

Brexit is not the issue (10:00)

"Change of Tone" (1:39)

China reality check (10:43)

Coming to Europe: The mother of all bank runs (1:14)

Cyprus: "Daylight robbery" (30:00)

Deeper down the shadow banking rabbit hole (6:26)

Deja vu, eh? (11:15)

Derivatives are handled, right? (10:00)

"Don't drink the Kool-Aid" (14:11)

Dow poised to fall? (4:48)

Economic recovery? (59:01)

Economy won't recover until we get the criminals out of government (9:42)

Europe: Below zero interest rates (17:13)

Europe: Getting to the point (2:39)

Everything you ever wanted to know about the meltdown but the bullshit news media will never tell you (15:56)

Faber: Governments Will Take 20-30% of My Wealth (1:29)

Fed lets Bank of America insure multi-trillion dollar derivative (gambling) loss with FDIC insurance (2:38)

Fiat money: The root of all evil (3:41)

Financial news reporters hate guys like this (10:00)

Former official: Wall Street taken over by the "mafia" (11:36)

Geographic diversity (3:37)

German bond sale fails (2:30)

Greece: Putting off the inevitable (4:48)

"Heads I win, tails everyone else loses" (8:42)

How economics has been corrupted (9:56)

How Europe will bail itself out (2:51)

How Goldman wired Greece for implosion (6:16)

How the big Wall Street banks screw the public (3:15)

How the Fed is strangling the economy (9:14)

How to Get Out of Stagflation (1:00)

"How's that technocrat thing working?" (6:18)

Hugh Hendry skewers the financial phonies (4:03)

"I'm getting a 1987 feeling" (3:42)

If the Fed loses control of the bond market... (1:10 )

"If you're going to default, default big" (4:52)

In humor, truth (2:25)

Inside job (2:15)

Instant replay: The 1987 Crash (7:55)

"It's a mathematical certainty" (4:24)

It's worse than the Great Depression (17:56)

Itís all going to collapse at the same time (29:37)

Jim Rogers 'I Suspect They'll Take The Pension Plans Next' (7:55)

Kamikazee trading (11:37)

Kiss of Debt (5:35)

Life goes on (60:00)

Look out below (11:05)

Lower oil price not good (12:30)

Marc Faber 2012 Predictions (1:00)

Mark Pittman (1957-2009) (6:24)

Market implosion soon? (7:49)

Market Meltdown: From Europe? (41:14)

Meet the Shadow Bankers (5:17)

Money in your mattress (4:13)

More real estate reality check (2:52)

Nigel Farage & IMF de-leverage warning (28:03)

No law enforcement or banking regulation (12:57)

"Once in a century rip off" (6:32)

"Once the selling starts, it will be unstoppable" (5:52)

Pushing on a string (4:09)

Reality Check: The Next Financial Crisis (46:22)

Remember those derivatives? (5:58)

Retirements wiped out (1:32)

She may not be right on time, but she's right (5:58)

Smoking crack in the Eurozone (3:15)

Stock market deja Vu (9:27)

Straight talk about gold and the dollar (4:44)

Straight talk, no sugar (5:52)

Systemic Wall Street fraud (28:32)

"The bankruptcies will be unfathomable" (10:00)

The biggest bubble ever (28:05)

The collapse was no surprise (9:56)

The Consequences of Default (6:49)

The corporate cash myth (5:18)

The day Wall Street took over the White House (10:43)

The Debt Bomb: Part Two (5:29)

The debt overhang time bomb (30:00)

The Fed scam and Crash (12:46)

The financial cataclysm in a nutshell (1:30)

The financial end times (08:17)

The Great Crash Ahead (3:08)

The Great Euro Crash (59:02)

The Great Levitation (27:50)

The madness of the Euro (14:33)

The mysterious bonds buyers of Belgium (15:07)

The Recent History of Wall Street (2:59:50)

The simple history of the bailout (5:09)

The System is the Problem (54:15)

The trouble with Europe: Highly leveraged (13:26)

The Unicorn Economy (7:45)

"This crisis is all about fraud" (10:00)

"This Is a Giant Ponzi Scheme, And it's going to end badly" (5:16)

"This is going to end ugly" (00:04:14)

To taper or not to taper (28:00)

Two minute warning? (4:21)

UK: Heart of Darkness (13:18)

Wall Street: Crime without Punishment (5:00)

"We're working for the Chinese" (11:13)

"We've had too many bad Augusts" (2:00)

What do you do when the empire collapses? (25:46)

What happens in Europe won't stay in Europe (13:53)

What is a Depression? (9:40)

What the heck is a "fiscal cliff?" (28:02)

What will the breakdown look like and why it is inevitable (5:24)

What's going on in Europe? (8:58)

Whatís the real problem, debt or capitalism? (1:25:30)

Whatís wrong with our economy, and what we can do (10:25)

Where are things headed in 2011 (7:30)

Where we're at without sugar coating (10:13)

Who did you listen to? (10:12)

Will Europe try to print its way out? (2:29)

Wired to implode (2:29)

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