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How the big Wall Street banks screw the public

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The biggest con game on earth

Five banks rule the US.

George Bush Jr handed the Big Banks in the US trillions of dollars in free capital - thereby gutting huge parts of the economy for the benefit of a few banks.

Barack Obama is continuing the policy. He even put a former Wall Street lawyer/unindicted criminal, Eric Holder, at head of the Department of Justice to block any meaningful prosecutions of Wall Street's many, many bad players.

How on earth are these big banks getting away with this?

It's simple: They have 3,000 lobbyist/lawyers living in Washington DC and working full time to bribe US politicians around the clock.

How many lobbyists are working on behalf of the normal people's interests in the financial system?

Just 150.

This 3,000 man and woman army of bank-paid dirtbags is bigger than Big Pharma, Agri-Business and the War Industry combined.

Now do you see why we're in such deep trouble?