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The collapse was no surprise

Reality check from Peter Schiff - 2006

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Lots of people knew

Yesterday, we heard from Warren Buffett that we should literally get on our knees and thank the Federal Reserve Bank and various Goldman Sachs executives for "saving" the US economy.

He characterized the 2008 meltdown as "unexpected" and something so extreme it could never have been predicted.

The man is a liar straight up. If you're getting investment advice from him you better factor in being a crook for a comprehensive understanding of how he operates.

Buffett profited mightily from the 2008 Crash and even made quite a bit of money from a massive sweetheart deal with...Goldman Sachs.

Here's a talk from a real analyst from 2006 when the economy was "riding high" and no one in the financial media offered even a hint of what was coming.