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The biggest bubble ever

Marc Farber speaks

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Endlessly blowing bubbles

Another day with record lows for the US Treasury, both the 10-year and the two-year.

Could this be the biggest bubble we have ever seen?

Lauren Lyster talks with famed investor Dr. Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom Boom and Doom Report, and asks for his short-term outlook on China and what the recent low in Chinese steel futures contracts indicates about the economy.

Also, we have heard a lot about the Libor probe, but not much about the Libor rate itself. What are the alternatives to a benchmark interest rate which underpins an estimated $550 trillion in financial products?

Lauren ends up with a chat with Bob English, contributing editor for ZeroHedge and

Why is it that this "one woman" show run by a Russian TV network is consistently the best financial reporting on TV?

It might be because we're in a Super Bubble in crap financial reporting.