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An interview with Professor Tamar Frankel

Professor Tamar Frankel has written and taught in the areas of mutual funds, securitization, financial system regulation, fiduciary law and corporate governance.

She is the author of The Ponzi Scheme Puzzle (2012),Investment Management Regulation (4th ed.2012), Fiduciary Law (2010),Law and the Financial System (2009), Teaching Book-Fiduciary Law (2008),Trust and Honesty Case Study Companion- with Mark Fagan (2007),Trust and Honesty, America's Business Culture at a Crossroad (2006),The Regulation of Money Managers (2d ed. 2001) with Ann Taylor Schwing), Securitization (2nd ed. 2006).

She has published more than 70 articles and book chapters, and co-chaired for more than 10 years the ALI-ABA Investment Management Advanced Course with Clifford E. Kirsch. In 1998, Professor Frankel was instrumental in the establishment and corporate structure of the Internet Corporation for Names and Numbers (ICANN).

A long-term member of the Boston University School of Law faculty, Professor Frankel was a visiting scholar at the Securities and Exchange Commission (1995-1997) and at the Brookings Institution (1987).

Tamar Frankel has taught and lectured at Oxford University, Tokyo University, Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, University of California Law School, Berkeley and consulted with the People's Bank of China.