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The problem with central bankers

Mindless meddling and market distortions

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We're better off without them

The market is not all-knowing and all-seeing (sorry Ayn Rand), but it does a whole lot better job of keeping things sane than the current flock of Central Bankers does.

The aggravation on the trading floors is magnified a million-fold in the real economy.

1.If you've been a saver, you are being "rewarded" with practically zero percent interest for your prudence and discipline.

2. If you're an honestly run bank (and there are many), you have to compete with massive criminal enterprises (Citibank, JP Morgan/Chase, Bank of America) who when they are not laundering drug money or packaging garbage loans as AAA securities are getting bailout after bailout from public funds extorted by taxation, current and future.

3. If you're an investor, someone willing to put savings at risk into a business in exchange for the chance of a better return, you have to face a banking system-created down draft that threatens even the best run companies large and small.