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Why nothing the government does works

There's big money to be made in screwing up

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Understanding the monsters in Washington

They talk about "affordable homes" - and let banks turn mortgages and home prices into a global Ponzi scheme.

They talk about "quality health care" - and give the medical industry abusive monopoly power no other industry or profession is permitted.

They talk about "eduction for all" - and turn public schools into top-down run prisons where administrators make $100K +++ for dumbing down the curriculum and discouraging good teachers.

They talk about "security" - and engage in the most reckless and unconscionable behavior imaginable.


The answer is frighteningly simple. The people who are at the controls have figured out how to personally profit from every disaster they create - and they're creating them as fast as they can.

Their cynical answer: "The joke is we're all patriots."