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"We need the Keystone XL Pipeline"

So says political hacks-r-us

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The best opinions money can buy

There's lot of money involved in this so there's been lots of purchased media.

There's two kinds of purchased media:

1. Bought and paid for ads

2. Bought and paid for politicians

This video highlights both the ads and the political hacks.

Jobs, job, jobs. Not quite.

Lower energy prices. Not quite.

Why do we need Keystone XL Pipeline...

Make sure you watch to the end.

By the way, as you know, we are not Obama fans and we generally believe in the free market, but we're also sane "sovereignists" and believe that nations, states and communities should do what's best for them, not follow the agendas of whoever can buy the most politicians or TV ads.

So do we need the pipeline for jobs and lower energy prices. Is it a no-brainer.

No and no and no.