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Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Vanquisher of the Microsoft Monopoly

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A real entrepreneur in an age of poseurs

Without government subsidies, without sweetheart deals, without bailouts, Steve Jobs and Apple Computers changed the world.

He brought the idea of personal computers into the popular imagination and put them into people's homes.

He brought the graphical user interface into practical use in computing.

Tim Berners-Lee wrote the code for the World Wide Web on a NEXT machine (a Steve Jobs product)

The iPod made it possible to shrink case loads of CDs into a device smaller that a pack of cigarettes.

The iPad brought true portability to the world of portable computers.

And perhaps his most important achievement, Jobs broke the back of one of the most vicious, economy-sapping cartels of the late 20th century - Microsoft - whose garbage products have cost countless billions of dollars in lost productivity and, had Jobs not come along, would have frozen personal computing at the level of MS-DOS...and told us to like it.

Long live the spirit of Steve Jobs!