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Q: Can this go on forever?

A: No

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Karl Denninger was one of the founders of the Tea Party.

Within a few short weeks he saw it co-opted by con artists like Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich and walked away.

The original Tea Party position: The government (federal, state and local) has to get a grip on spending and has to deal with the massive distortions its misbehavior is creating in the marketplace.

Between criminal bankers being allowed to run wild, dreamland energy policy, unpaid for wars, and uncontrolled spending, the US is heading off a cliff financially.

What cannot go on forever, will not go on forever.

To my mind, the only real questions at this point are:

1) When are we going to hit the wall?
2) What's it going to look like when we do? and
3) Will will be prepared as a country and as individuals?