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Underfunding the Lehman Investigation

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The US government in 33 seconds

You can make a reasonably accurate prediction of the future of an individual or organization by what its priorities are. And you can tell someone's true priorities by seeing how they spend their time, money, and energy.

Based on this simple formula, the US is in serious need of a major adjustment of its priorities.

Note: FCIC - Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. The one and so far only attempt to "explain" why a handful of banks received trillions of "no strings" attached handouts after engaging in fraud and reckless gambling on an epic scale.

The US spent $8 million investigating this staggering financial catastrophe which has cost the US about $8 trillion dollars (and climbing) but FIVE TIMES AS MUCH on the details of Bubba's Oval Office sexcapades.

Note to self: If ever given a choice between getting a blow job in the Oval Office and stealing trillions of dollars, choose the latter.

Apparently, there's no penalty to pay and eight trillion dollars will buy a lot get the idea.

Speaking of which, for those who want to go further down the rabbit hole (so to speak) as well as for the generally's where a good chunk of the Wall Street bonus money (as supplied by you) went: