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How Obamacare will tank the economy

It has nothing to do with ideology
- It's arithmetic

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Do the math

If you wanted to accelerate the bankruptcy of the United States you'd do two things:

1. You would do nothing to address the medical services industry problem at its root

2. You'd try to prop the medical industry mafia with compulsory health insurance ala an Obama-care like scheme.

The problem is that the medical services industry has legally been allowed to grow into an abusive monopoly, doing things that no other business would ever be allowed to get away with.

Obamacare does NOTHING to address this core problem.

Instead it poses as a social program,

The fact is Obamacare a welfare program for the most bloated medical care system in the world - and it's going to blow up taking down the US health insurance industry and possibly the entire US economy with it.