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Financial Crime

on a Mind-Boggling Scale

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While the News Media Snoozes

To make this as simple as possible:

1. The big banks (Bank of America, ChaseJPMorgan, Citibank, Wells Fargo etc.) and their loan servicers are openly engaging in criminal behavior on a scale so large it's almost impossible to calculate it

2. What we do know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that these banks are in fact insolvent. In other words, they have real, undeniable losses on their books that exceed their capital

Except for one thing... the government lets them lie, deny and delay and is now pumping another $600 BILLION of your money into a wild gamble they hope will be enough to jump start the economy, turn housing prices around and up, and make the hundreds of billions of real estate loans now worth ZERO worth something.

If you have money in these banks or are doing business with them, you are literally supporting organized crime.

Just thought you might like to know.

Incredible. isn't it?