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Wall Street bootlicker
gets body slammed by real journalist

Kevin O'Leary, Canadian jackass

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Arrogant schmuck

Here is a dream scenario…

Hundreds of Wall Street crooks get indicted and spend some quality time at the Gray Bar Hotel (that's jail, for the unenlightened)

Then every single smug, arrogant, boot-licking TV financial “journalist” starting with this tool - Kevin O'Leary - gets taken off the air permanently.

Without these enabling jackasses and the “news” networks that employ them, we would not be in the position we're in today (which on October 14, 2011 looks like the precipice of the biggest financial meltdown in American history… dwarfing the Great Depression by several orders of magnitude.)

Nothing wrong with business, nothing wrong with free enterprise.

It would be a good thing if those things were practiced in America again instead of the crony criminal capitalism that the Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama scumbags handed the nation over to.

Yeah, you could say I'm pissed.