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Gold coin sale scam

Fighting the 'Safe-Bet' Scam

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What you need to know about gold

1. Gold is financial system collapse insurance

2. If you have a lot of cash, it makes sense to have 10% or so of it in gold, not for investment purposes but for insurance purposes.

3. If you don't have lots of cash, it makes more sense to take the cash you do have to buy useful commodities like food, soap, ammunition, things that have a long shelf life and might be in short supply in the case of a financial system collapse

4. The gold price is posted daily. There is no reason on earth to pay more than a 10% premium on the daily price and you should be able to do much better.

5. The smartest way to own gold for insurance purposes is NOT collector coins: 1) commodity gold coins (ex. Canadian Maple Leaf) and/or 2) gold bars bought from banks that deal in such things as a matter of course (Note: You won't find these banks in the US.)

6. You should personally hold the gold you own either in a segregated account or in a secure safe NOT commingled with other people's holdings and NOT on paper form. (See Point #3.)

7. The retail gold world is full of scammers and as gold prices rise their numbers swell.

If the s*** hits the fan, collector coins are not going to be an easy thing to trade or sell. Food, laundry soap and ammunition will be.

Finally, if the US declares gold ownership illegal as it did in the 1930s, there's nothing that says you have to cooperate. The smart way to hold gold is to hold it overseas anyway. (See Point $3.)