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Financial news media targets Bill Gross

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This a new report on a talk Bill Gross, founder and then-still manager of PIMCO, made this summer.

PIMCO is the bond giant and, the glamor of stocks aside, fixed income the 800 pound gorilla of the capital markets.

Yes, Gross was a bit goofy in his intro, but overall the talk he gave was profound and important. We'll show the whole thing later.

What's interesting is the energetic efforts the financial media went through, and continues to go through, to paint Gross as a nut.

In my experience, when someone of Gross' gravitas is presented this way, it's because he's getting too close to the truth.

What's the truth?

That will come in a later edition. Meanwhile, look how the media is slamming him.

For the record, he wore the sunglasses for a few minutes as a joke.

The headline" Gross Behavior" was really uncalled for.