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Iceland Unregulated

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Crooked academicians

Meet Frederick Mishkin, Professor of Finance and Economics at Columbia University School of Business. He took $125,000 to have his name put on a report that said everything was fine with the Icelandic banking system.

His boss Glenn Hubbard at Columbia University, an advisor on de-regulation to the gangster Bush administration, has conflicts of interest many times more serious that those of Mishkin. His comment when called on this by the makers of "Inside Job": "I don't believe I have to discuss that with you. This is not a deposition, sir. This interview is over in three minutes... Give it your best shot."

Maybe a deposition can be arranged some day Mr. Hubbard.

We know there's a revolving door between Wall Street and the Federal government.

What for all practical purposes is never reported is the level of off-the-charts corruption in the nation's so-called "institutions of higher learning."

Harvard and Columbia University are particularly odious.

Here film makers show how the deal works.

Step One: Pay "academician" a huge fee

Step Two: Academician rubber stamps any bullshit you want to sell

From the must see film "Inside Job" about the criminals on Wall Street and in the Federal government and academia who have gutted our economy.