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What's that sinking sound?

How much longer can this idiocy continue?

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Another wacko idea

The European of those idea that makes sense on paper - paper in the briefcases of corporatist attorneys that is, but not in the real world where real people live.

Better cooperation among countries? Sure why not.

Laws created by wacko, out-of-touch bureaucrats? (gee, sounds like the US). No thanks.

What will kill the Euro is this very simple reality:

When national economies get into trouble (and they always do eventually), one of the ways to refloat the boat is to devalue your currency.

That attracts tourists, investors, and buyers of your goods.

"Members" (or should we say "captives") of the Eurozone, don't have that option. Thus, their only way out is to: a) give up sovereignty and b) takes the losses out of the hides of their citizens.

Will Europeans put up with this BS?

So far, the citizens of Greece and Ireland don't see too keen and the street battles are just beginning.

Hey, no one delivers a good dressing down like an Englishmen. They may have lost the Empire, but they still do a good job of verbally kicking ass. We could use some of that on our side of the ocean right about now too.