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One nation under corporations
with liberty and justice for none

Mega-corporations are the dominant institutions in our society today.

They control our agricultural system, the food that's available in stores, the quality of education (or lack thereof) our children receive, the medical profession, the world of banking and investments and our political system.

How's that going?

The small family farm and the fresh, local, nutritious food it produced in superabundance has all but been obliterated and failing to totally obliterate it the Big Ag and Big Food companies are devising schemes to squeeze out the remaining players.

Our school systems are garbage and getting worse every day, while the taxes we pay support these systems breach nosebleed levels in many states.

Twice as many people die every year from so called medical care as die in car accidents. And we pay a fortune for that too.

The banking world has become so corrupt that the only safe place people have to put their money these days a short-term US treasury bills.

In short, it's a train wreck and it's a train wreck because we allowed an interlocking group of larcenous personalities to take control of just about every aspect of our society.

These people can and will gladly run the nation off the cliff. Surprisingly they can be stopped with just a few structural changes to our system, changes we better make while there is still time to make them.