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The "bomb" in Obamacare

Undermining Employment

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Is it ethical to create a system that
simple arithmetic says is bound to fail?

We don't think left or right here at Real Econ.

We think "what does the arithmetic look like?" and "is is ethical?"

Yes, the Dickpublicans hate Obamacare and the Scamorcrats love it.

We don't care.

We look at what works, what doesn't work and what could work.

The problem with health care in America is the industry has been allowed to run wild.

Americans pay TWO TIMES or more for the very same services people get in Europe (where health care is much better.)

Did Obamacare address that? No. It makes it worse...and it increases premiums...and it forces people who don't want to have insurance to get it...and it is encouraging small businesses to NOT hire people.

In short it's a total disaster.

- Ken McCarthy