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Judge says "no way" to SEC cover up

A rare act of judicial integrity

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American hero: U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff

Until this case, US judges have agreed to blind settlements 100% of the time.

By blind settlement I mean that the defendant admits to nothing, no details of the crime are revealed, and the only penalty is a fine.

"Stop the looting and start the prosecuting."

Well, with every fat and happy US judge who gets one of these cases willing to accept BS settlements, there will be no prosecutions.

The banks know that and have been acting accordingly (i.e. stealing everything that is no nailed down.)

As I've said many times before, there will be no United States as we know it if this isn't stopped and we're already late in the game.

If things are turned around, it will be because people like Jed Rakoff put their integrity and the good of the nation before being a member in good standing of the "good old boys" club.

Thank you Judge Rakoff got not participating in the endless rip off the what's left of the United States.