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Business news without the bullshit

How the US is being gutted financially

Advised presidents and was an
editor at the Wall Street Journal

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A quick antidote to the
endless BS on financial news

Full of quotable quotes from Paul Craig Roberts.

He used to be "mainstream" until he started pointing out uncomfortable truths.

You need a regular dose of this kind of perspective. Otherwise you're likely to get left holding the back when the whole house of cards comes down suddenly.

Houses of cards fall in a lot less time than it takes to build them.

The current market is good for only two things:

1) quick in-and-out to take advantage of unique situations

2) being prepared to put on short positions rapidly when things gap down (like the one in silver not long ago.)

If you're lucky enough to have cash, protect it because it's likely to be in short supply after the next big leg down which, if you follow Robert's analysis, is baked in the pie.

It's only a matter of time.