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The Real History of Money and Debt Part 2

Debt as mind control and
money as an invention for war

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Taxes were create for conquered people

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In the previous video, we learned an amazing fact:

"Barter" did not precede money and money did not precede debt.

Debt came first.

Ancient societies and so-called primitive societies did not barter with each other. In many cases, they didn't even use money. They handled their transactions with detailed debt systems.

When people were conquered the first thing conquerors do is but the conquered people in their debt.

Amazingly, "taxes" - a kind of debt - were never charged to citizens. They were only charged to conquered people.

At some point, debt systems fall apart. It always happens.

The question is does a given society have the intelligence to know this fact of life in advance and to have a system to deal with it.

We used to. We don't any more.

Now here's the really amazing thing (to me at least):

Money, as we know it, was invented to facilitate war, specifically to pay soldiers. Before that, it was not needed.