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The coming financial disaster

in a nutshell

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Reality check in less than seven minutes

I don't know what I can add to this other than to say that this whole video is less than seven minutes long.

Meanwhile, the entire output of the mainstream news media - thousands and thousands of hours - fails to illustrate these basic facts.

Here's the situation:

The Fed working in conjunction with a handful of banks has been systematically looting the people of the United States for years (decades really.)

Recent hits include the Internet stock bubble, almost entirely a creation of the Fed and a few criminally minded investment banks.

They (the Fed and banks like Goldman Sachs) were allowed to get away with it, so they did it again with the so-called "Sub-Prime" fiasco which in fact was premeditated and carefully organized fraud on a massive scale - and it appears they are going to get away with that too.

Now the Fed is "easing" trillions of dollars from away you to the banks again and, now, after you've been ripped off to the tune of trillions of dollars, you will pay every penny for "the cure" in increased taxes and reduced services and benefits.