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Interesting times...

"May you live in interesting times." - Old Chinese saying.

Well, no one can say we don't live in interesting times.

As usual, Max Keiser lets it rip.

On Berskhire-Hathway's Charlie Munger: "He's an equity pimp." I love that.

"They're not capitalists, they're not socialists, they're thieves."

"If Obama has a spine, he'd put them in jail."


"Real life investment managers are not doing this buying."

Irish cement mixer runs into the central bank there.

Now, all that being said, be careful with gold. Obviously it's going up, but the time to be in this market was the late 90s and early 2000s. It' very possible that a big retracemement is coming. When it does, that will definitely be the time to load up.

I also don't buy the "US default is imminent" story.

Will it happen? In the long run, yes, but remember the US dollar, as bad as it is, smells less than the alternatives in the mid term. My opinion.