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Everything's fine in Euro-Land

"The government has made a point
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Business as usual for the IMF and World Bank

The Euro has been a disaster for Greece as it has been for many small countries.

Seduced by being part of the gang and cheap money, now it's time to pay the piper.

And while it was the financial "elites" who made the deals and incurred the debts, it's the people who are going to pay the bill and they're not happy about it. (Don't laugh. There's not a hair's bit of difference between the situation the Greek's are in now and Americans will find themselves in in the not-too-distant future.)

The dirty. unreported little secret is that the Euro has been a disaster for working people since Day One.

Invariably, consumers were hit with 30% to 50% price increases when they had to change their national currency for the Euro. They accepted the big hit because they were promised a better, brighter future.

Well big countries only make alliances with smaller countries to better exploit them (break down their self-protective trade barriers, take over their financial systems etc.) and the future is here now.

The bankers want tax rates that are impossible and a fire sale on Greek national assets. (A McDonalds at the Parthenon?)

All this is coming to a country near you...and possibly sooner than you think.

In Greece, they're in the streets. What are your fellow citizens doing in opposition to the banks that are raping them?

Euro goes to par and then comes's only a question of timing.