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Gangsters, spooks, businessmen, and the government

In a classic example of "limited hang out" Skull and Bones member John Kerry carefully navigates the testimony of a money launderer for drug barons.

If you listen between the lines, it's pretty clear that the money launderer in question, Rodriguez, was trained by the CIA or some other department of government spooks .

Why do I say that?

His mentor and his first employer in the art of money laundering was the one of the top Cuban leaders of the Bay of Pigs invasion which was a CIA operation.

When Kerry asked him who specifically taught him the fine points of the art, Rodriguez testifies: "I didn't know their names" and Kerry doesn't question his extraordinary answer.

So let's get this straight. Strange unidentified people - not members of the close knit Cuban community in Miami of which Rodriguez was a part - started this employee of a top CIA operative on the road to launder hundreds of millions of dollars in cartel drug money.

If you've listened to the interviews with Doug Valentine, you'll know that the relationship between the CIA, the State Department, banks, and the gangster who operate the drug business is quite cozy.