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Obama Admin Blocks Bank Investigations? TheYoungTurks

Warren Buffett knows the fix is in

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Why he invested in Bank of America

Warren Buffett, the great investor?

Maybe years ago.

Today is the great crook, working hand in hand with the Federal Reserve to scam the market.

How does it work?

It's called "front running" and "insider trading."

Based on his relationship with the Fed, Buffett knows that Bank of America is going to be let off the hook for its massive crimes.

Buffett buys stock with a sweetheart deal. Sheep-like investors follow pushed by cheerleading from the idiots at Fox and CNBC

Then the announcement comes that Bank of America will: a) get further bailouts, b) will be let off the hook
for its massive criminal activity, or c) both.

Buffett knows that "b" is already in the works.